There are four criteria that a person

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Breathability   Excessive running on the court tires your feet. He has to play in different types of courts and most of the stress in taken by the feet of the player. As the feet play a vital role in all this, a good pair of shoes goes a long way and helps the player attain world class maturity in playing tennis. Importance of tennis shoes: A lot of preparation goes into playing tennis. Durability is less of a concern here. So if you want your pair today, get the best! . Fit   Ill fitting shoes are a curse for tennis players. Overview: There are number of good brands in the market like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Asics, Brooks, Puma etc. A player has to indulge long hours of practice to excel in the game. Most of these brands have shoes tailored for professional and amateur tennis players. If your feet stay cooler you can play better for longer time.How many times have you felt blisters on your feet while playing tennis? Or how many times have you felt that you wear out your tennis shoes too often? If your answer to these questions is often, then it is time for you to choose the right tennis shoe for yourself. Choose the material of the shoe upper like leather, mesh, synthetic leather or a combination according to your needs. Who can concentrate on game with blisters on feet? When buying your pair keep the following points in mind: feet typically swell after exercise or by the end of the day; tennis socks provide extra cushioning and may require a shoe up to half size larger; as many people have two different feet size, shoe upper against the top of your feet should not be too tight or too loose; shoes should have at least half an inch space between the toes and end of the shoe. The bumps and knobs found usually in running shoes damages clay court surfaces. The lower part of the body supports the upper when it goes for the various shots. And make sure the upper is designed in a way to vent out heat and moisture and keep your feet cool. All kinds of sport shoes doesn`t provide the support to play tennis, increases the risk of foot and ankle injuries, and may also inflict damage to the tennis court. Therefore it is crucial for right handed players that the inside toe area of their right shoe has extra protection. Court surface: Players playing on hard court should get a durable pair of shoes. The feet are instrumental while serving the ball and also chasing the ball around the court. Repeated play on these courts may lead to loss of treads from the sole resulting in loss of traction and increased slipping. How to choose the right pair? There are four criteria that a person should keep in mind while buying shoes. New advanced technologies have made these shoes more player friendly. Tennis players often Tennis Rackets factory drag their toe while executing shots, especially the serve. Players playing on clay court should also have comfortable shoes that provide traction. Though we sometimes refer to tennis shoes as the generic, universal term athletic shoes, it should not be the case. They are fit, durability, breathability and court surface. Shoes should have smooth flat soles. Durability   To increase the durability of your pair keep in mind how frequently you play and where you typically wear out your shoes: if the sole wears out fast then choose a shoe with higher end and durable sole; if your pair looses cushion then get a shoe with a robust midsole.

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